Change or Cancellation

Hong Kong flower shop will not accept the cancellation of the order delivery of flowers. All products, services or deposits paid, are non-refundable in case of cancellation of flower delivery at HK flower shop.

We will give notification of 2 working days (Mon-Fri), If you wish to change your delivery date or product details. You can get this notification for flowers/ plants/ goods, subject to final confirmation by us. Extra charges and transaction fees may apply.

Items cannot be change if you are already pre-order and you cannot change the item that is tailored or in the process of production.

If customer change to items of smaller value, we will provide credit or cash coupons valid for 6 months and your amount will be credited in 10 working days. You will pay all processing costs and administrative charges relating to the adjustment in the amount that you have been paid. (e.g 2.5% of original transaction value, or $50, whichever higher).

You have required a minimum one month notice for projects including weddings, landscape, and decorations. We will not change any tailored items that are pre-order. Please follow signed contract terms if it stated otherwise.

You will not be refunded or exchanged in case of the delay of natural causes such as typhoons. We will not refund or credit for products and services rejected by recipients. These are the processes of cancellation of flowers delivery.